Ever noticed there are some things you just can’t get over. Some incident that plagues you at the oddest times. Something that haunts you before you sleep. Something you wish you could just get over. Emotional health is about being able to handle those things.

It is time to validate all that stuff and then DO something to make it feel better.

Healing IS NOT EASY! Don’t ever let anyone try to tell you so. It’s a lie! Healing is hard and often it hurts when you start. I have been on my own healing journey in the past with the personal trauma I mentioned. It hurts so much in the beginning. One client/couple once said to me, “We are filleted.” I say I feel raw like my skin is gone and all the sensitive parts underneath are exposed. Yep – it hurts. BUT. BUT! The good news is – IT GETS EASIER as you go along because you are getting better. And it’s so worth it. One person told me, “It’s hard to remember who I was then.”

I am about to start another journey grieving the loss of my sister. I already know this is going to involve a lot of tears. Just looking at the pictures brings them on. The grief itself needs space but there are also other issues around the way she died that affect my relationships and I want to be emotional healthy for the people I love.

There are very good reasons to heal and all of us have something. Usually something more than just that one incident that plague us – if we are honest with ourselves we know it goes a little deeper. Journaling helps us deal with the superficial stuff and often reveals the things underneath.

Healing is both passive and active. It is something you work toward. And it can be something that just happens -often in the context of relationships. Art journaling is a way to start the process in an easy manner, control your progress and be able to look back on where you started.


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