A freight train 100 cars long going 70 mph changes direction with the flip of one little switch. It’s really amazing. Something with all that momentum and force can go a completely different direction with one little change. One change makes the direction, scenery, terrain, climate, destination and arrival all different. GROW is about making that one little change. One change YOU make can change the whole system.

Not communicating well with your spouse, make one little change in your style of communication. Fighting with your teen all the time, make one little change in your reaction — I dare you  — see what happens when you do.

Maybe your change may be just starting with CREATE. Just start with journaling and commit to that being your one change. Maybe it is saying good morning to everyone you pass on the way to or at work. Maybe it is just practicing your smile or only hitting the snooze once. It could be only drinking four diet cokes today instead of six. Every little change makes a difference. Practice that change until it is routine.

You might be thinking how in the world is drinking less diet coke going to help me grow. One, you can do it and when you do it builds your self-esteem. Two, it gives you the courage to take on something bigger or harder like eating fewer carbs. Finally, maybe for you who drinks six diet cokes your ultimate goal is to lose weight, making these little changes starts you on a different path which has the great potential to lead you to growth and success. Change doesn’t have to be miserable.

Let’s take saying good morning. Your ultimate goal might be to have more friends. The best way to do that is to show yourself friendly. “Oh, that’s the lady that always says good morning – she’s friendly,”  is not a bad reputation. Maybe you’re shy and you just start with one person in your office and you say hello everyday. It builds rapport with that person. It elicits a response and builds your self-esteem and your courage.

PRACTICE your little change until it become routine. The subscribed amount of time is 30 days. So pick something you absolutely know you have the ability to accomplish. Start there and build.


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