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Posts are dated according to the date on the journal page. This blog is updated regularly.

Art is about doing – doesn’t matter what – doesn’t matter how. Just do. Journal is NOT a noun – it’s a verb. Life is about doing.  My story is about doing.

In my personal process of recovering from a traumatic event I started journaling. I didn’t know it then but, what I was doing was art journaling. What I DID KNOW – it was helping me heal. It was the first art journal I ever did. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have any rules. I just knew I needed to do it and I knew it made me feel better. I started the art journal about one and a half years after the trauma and I had a lot of  memories and thoughts I wrote about before starting the art journal. I used those writings in the art journal.

I started the journal while in graduate school. I continue to heal from this trauma and other life events have added to the things that need healing.  It’s okay to be in a state of healing. If you live/do life AT ALL there will be hurt that needs healing.

That first journal is the only one with a title. It was the most healing thing said to me, by one of my sisters, “You’re okay and God still loves you.”

Since then, I have completed my Masters in Clinical Social work. I have practiced psychotherapy for the last six years. I have been in some sort of counseling/coaching role for the last 16 years. I have utilized art therapy techniques with great effectiveness. I have noticed a difference in clients and a difference in myself.

In December 2011, I married my favorite person in the whole world and in January 2012 we moved to Israel, his country. My first time in Israel is when I stepped off the plane at Ben Gurion airport. My first time out of North America for that matter. I am loving this adventure of marriage and new family, new people, new food, new language and new culture. It’s all about growth.

*All art work is original and created by the author unless otherwise indicate. Additionally, author will credit all contributing artists and appreciates the same consideration and integrity.*


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