I love this word. It means to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to urge; to foster or stimulate; to fill with courage or strength of purpose.  Synonyms include bear up, hearten, cheer and embolden. ENCOURAGE someone.

  • Tell one person you trust or who you identify with what you are doing. If you want to be really brave, share your journal with them. It can be anyone. It can be someone who has shared a similar experience or pain.
  • It will give you courage and them courage to create, courage to grow and courage to encourage.
  • Remind yourself you are brave. You have already started creating and growing. ENCOURAGE you!

If you want a buddy to Create. Grow. Encourage. Heal with start collaborative/circle journal. It needs to be a committment to one another because this is a healing journey not just a day trip.


  • Create a timeline for how long each buddy will have to create.
  • Develop a theme or use this blog for inspiration.
  • Outline clear expectations of each other.  Do you want feedback? Are you going to discuss your art with each other? Will you discuss your progress or growth?
  • Establish how long your will trade back and forth. One month? Once year?
  • Be willing to talk to one another about “anticreator.” It’s that little monster that lurks in the darkness trying to discourage you or eat up your time or feed you easy to swallow excuses. Gotta be honest about that little booger and be willing to squash it.



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