• Create a safe place for yourself. This can be any place, really. If your space is limited it could be a notebook and the space you take up when you sit with it. Chose a place where you can relax and be yourself. Your place should be a place where it’s okay for you to laugh or cry or growl or scream. If it’s your local coffee shop,  (where do you live, I gotta go there) then let it be that place. It ‘s a safe place for your expression – whatever it may be.
  • Create a place with no rules but good boundaries*.  Boundaries are those lines we draw so others don’t “mess” us up. It may mean turning off your phone or your TV. Maybe for the day, maybe for an hour or maybe just 10 minutes.  No rules on how you express, no expectations of perfection and NO comparison to anyone else’s work. No judgement. You are you. You can only be you. You is good. You is great. You is enough.
  • Start. Just start. Start small or start big. Just do whatever you can handle. Bite of only what you can chew – don’t choke yourself on, “I have to…”
  • *Observe the RULE of ONE and YOUR.  One word. One question. One page. One project. Once a month. Once a week. Once a day. This is where you truly choose your path and choose what you can handle because it is – Your time. Your rules. Your progress. Your creation. Your journal. Your art. You’re the only you. You’re the one you!

Creating is not hard. It doesn’t take fancy tools or papers. It can be a napkin and a pen and something someone said to you. It can be coloring a rainbow with crayons. You have the power. Just CREATE.


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