First Ever

This is my first ever piece of work outside my journal and with a FACE!!! Alice Carman was so generous. A totally kind stranger sent me ribbon (and halfway across the world)  to experiment with in exchange for making something for her. This is my attempt. I think much needs to be improved. I am also feeling a little insecure about putting it out there for all to see. Ironic isn’t it. I can spill my guts in a grief journal and post it but this gives me a nervous tummy. So be gentle with your criticism – there will be a time I ask for constructive feedback – just not today.

The bad thought bird will flyover head – don’t let it build a nest in your hair. (1)

Alice Carman makes the most amazing cards. Please check out her work. She uses her tools creatively like, ice cream cone trees. I tried my hand at card making, my style, and what follows is the result.

A card for Alice with more ribbon gifts.


4 thoughts on “First Ever

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is the most AMAZING work I have ever seen. You are truly gifted my friend. I love love love it! Can’t wait to see it in person. I must get this framed so every time I look at it, I will be reminded of you and your amazing talent! Muah!!!!

  2. WOW, so love what you created!!!!! It’s a work of ART and HEART in the same time! I simply LOVE your message on your art work! And yes, only Alice would come up with ice cream cone out of trees…LOL

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