Second spread in the book - I have not added words yet because I am not exactly sure what to say. The words of a song come to mind.


I just finished the devastation page when I completed this spread. I just wanted something dark and with no words. I may add some later but I was just sad and felt hollow when I did created this. There is an album by Michelle Shocked – Short, Sharp, Shock. My sisters and I love that CD (cassette tape at the time). We would sing Old Woman often in the summer when eating watermelon. You have to know the song to understand. We would even sing the instrumental solo of the song. It was fun. I think I want to put some of Michelle Shocked lyrics here.


Is there a fond memory you have regarding your loss that is just painful now? Represent that memory – write a couple of lines about it.


Acrylic     The background is two layers of gesso to prepare the board book surface.

Pastel    Pan pastel (black) was added to the page for color and outlines.

Collage     Torn paper, punched circles and cut shapes were added to the page. The focal image has been cut and raised using foam tape.


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