I have started a board book. I am working on healing that enormous hole left by the death of my sister. (I do the healing work too.) She died 5 years ago this past November. It is the one thing in my life I have done absolutely NO journaling on. I guess its time. The book will only be about this and I will share with you as I go. I have done three spreads and the cover and I just had to stop. It helps to stop and blog – uses the more analytical side of my brain and gives my emotions a rest. Hopefully back to it today.


Grief is not just about the loss of a loved one. It could be the loss of innocence or hope or a job, even. Grief is about loss – period. What have you lost that you miss? What do you miss the most? Do you want it back? What have you learned from the loss? Don’t worry if no words come – sometimes there are no words – sometimes the words just don’t make sense. Sometimes they don’t convey the devastation.


Acrylic    The background was created with mixing my primary acrylic colors with gesso. This provide a third layer of gesso on the board book page as well as color. Take notice of the lower right corner. I didn’t like what I put there so it was covered with gesso and then I peeled the dried acrylic paint from my pallete and pasted it using gel medium.

Collage     The focal image is a picture of my sister. I deconstructed the picture and rearranged it on the page. It has also been sanded with  120 grain sandpaper and then lightly covered with gesso using my fingers. Other paper on the page is from my newspaper. The “flower” in the corner is a deconstructed wallpaper flower.

Pastel     I used pan pastel black to add shading and depth to the page.




3 thoughts on “Grieve

  1. I love that you created this. Our Family recently lost a loved one too so I love that you created this art board to help with the healing. Sometimes it’s hard to express and I love that you express it through your art. What a lovely tribute.

    • Thank you. I am sincerely sorry for your loss — it sucks! I do because it has helped me heal so much. I have used similiar things with clients in the past and seen their healing. I share it because I hope it helps others.

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