This is the page that slowed me down a little. This is the beginning of the “meat” of the grief.


After I completed this page I took a break for a few days. This page is a little chaotic. It fits because that is how it felt -the news. This is writing in the background, on the face/mouth and in the brain. It is about pain and disbelief and acceptance and helplessness and finality. It is about denial and anger. It’s about buried hope.


The Kubler-Ross stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. You don’t have to experience them in order or one at a time. You may not experience them all. They are not constrained by time and don’t, necessarily, build on one another. Where are you in your grief? What stages can you recognize? What stage, if any, do you feel “stuck” in? How can you achieve acceptance of your loss?


Acrylic     The background was a left over pink I used from a different project. Two-ply toilet paper was separate and gently applied to background using water and gel medium.

Pastel    Pan pastel (red and blue = purple) was applied to background toilet paper. Blue was applied around the edges.

Stamp   Flower stamp was applied to edge of both left and right pages using a dark orange stamp pad. The stamp also picked up more detail with the pastel was applied on top of it.

Sticker     A manual label maker was used to produce word sticker/labels.

Collage     Both images of brain and head very open source images. The open mouth is from a newspaper. It has been altered to be darker and includes writing.

Pen     Brush tip Prismacolor marker is the background writing. Sakura Micron is the paragraph and brain words. Letraset ProMarker is the bold black lettering.


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