This specific exercise about forgiveness. I wrote a letter forgiving myself, forgiving others and asking to be forgiven of things I was carry around that were keeping me from really being my true self. I usually don’t have much trouble forgiving others however, the standard is different for me – a much harsher and unreasonable standard for myself. It’s hard to love you if you can’t forgive you.

SUGGESTED ACTIVITY:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Who is the person you most need to forgive? What do you need to forgive them for?  Are you ready to forgive them? Write a letter of forgiveness. Then write an answer to the letter. 


Acrylic   This background was prepared before the event as it was not an art journaling event. The background is various acrylics applied with an old plastic gift card. This is one of my favorite ways to apply the paint. I often use more than one color. I like to dimension I get with the color and the way it layers.

Collage    The collage elements in this picture include some cutouts from scrapbook paper. A cut up vintage photo. This is not someone I know. I invested in a ebay lot of old photos. There are also a couple of images from a magazine and a quote from an old calendar.

Journaling    I have written on the page with ball point pen. There are restaurant order tickets stacked and adhered with decorative shipping tape. There is additional  journaling on those pages.

Other    There is some stamping in the background. I also used spray walnut ink over all the page to finish.


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