Sense of Beauty

This is one of many more pages to come on beauty. It's a concept we have twisted and health comes when we realize what beauty is really.


Women, including me, often struggle with our sense of beauty. A friend kept telling me I was beautiful when I’d be forgiving or gracious to the ex-boyfriend. I didn’t understand it. Then I started to learn about beauty. I contemplated my definition beauty. As I journaled I was enlightened and a whole new perspective opened up to me.


Suggested Activity

Define what beauty is to you. What does beauty do? How does it feel? Think of someone you consider beautiful inside and out – what qualities do they possess?


Technique, Tool and Supply

Watercolor  – Watercolor crayon background.

Collage – National Geographic photo with subtle gesso wash.

Stamp –  Face and butterfly stamp used in subtle contrasting colors(CatEye stamp pads). Stencil, felt coaster from Dollar Store,  also used in background.

Pen – Sharpie used for journaling and stenciling.


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