A page I did while working with someone on art journaling for healing.


Sometimes I feel like a stopper has been put on my creative bottle and someone shook me up. I am about to burst. This is my need to create…something. It must be innate in all of us this urge to create and/or produce. The release can be subtle or explosive – a consistent fizz or a champagne pop. I’ve observed it’s also attached to my mood or current events in my life. Art is emotional – it releases emotions of  the artist. It provokes emotion from the viewer . A fizzle or a pop – it’s all reaction and it matters.



Visual represent the “zone” you are in when creating. How do you feel before? During? After? What does creating satisfy in you?


Technique, Tools & Supply

Acrylic     Red-orange background mixing yellow and red. Applied with paint brush.

Collage     Image from National Geographic (always great pictures) watered down gesso tinted with red acrylic.

Pen     Paint pen and sharpie for journaling.


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